This is NOT a performance

Music led continous worship and creative expression.

Saturday November 3rd 2018

The Princess Pavilion
41 Melvill Road
TR11 4AR


The Vertical event seeks to create space and time for worship that is not limited by the constraints of a normal church programme. It is for those who wish to press in, go deeper, and find freedom and release in God’s presence; to enjoy God and pursue true intimacy. There will be times of silence as well as bursts of spontaneous worship, opportunities for a release of the prophetic and creative expressions such as dance and art. It is not a performance, but a desire to simply fulfil one agenda… to worship God.

Vertical is founded upon the idea that as God is worshipped, an ‘open heaven’ can be created over Cornwall and as a result bring about a restorative move of God, redeeming the land and bringing back a sense of the rich heritage of Celtic Christianity in the South West.

'if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out'. – Luke 19:40


Vertical is a cross denominational meeting, organised by the harbour church falmouth

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Artwork: Kate Alizadeh - katealizadeh.net

Graphic Design: Meredith Tiala

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